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RapCity Podcast with Ronnie and Dash

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

This week on Rap City Podcast by Chameleon Radio, hosted by Barbara Ackles, on a new episode interview with 2 emerging Artists from Lancastar, California .

They bring that great West Coast Hip Hop vibe the artist Da$h Dantana collaborates with R&B's great Ronnie Stanford on this new hit single "PULL UP ON U" and SHAKE THAT, Both songs with a the old school vibe and a hint of Jazz as well. super catchy.

We'll be talking about their expectations for the future, past colaborations, and what inspire while writing songs. The struggle the music industry suffered in an independent artist prospective on the last pandemic, and so on...

They are now working with AMG Music label and managed by Sr Dolla Dolla 4 Dolla Entertainment & Publishing,

Hope you all enjoy it and stay tuned.

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