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The Big Evil

Share Pro Submission Performed by: Alicia Salerno

Artist bio: Alicia Salerno is a self-taught singer-songwriter from Jarrahdale, Western Australia.

Her 14 year journey in music and songwriting is a compelling story of healing and freedom. From rejecting the rigidity of school-based guitar lessons, Alicia Salerno has always found herself in the push and pull of self-expression.

Only at the age of 18, and in the wake of a significant life-event, did Alicia return to her, now 3-stringed, guitar.

Being led by her ear and the innate desire to create and express her pain, 50 instrumentals were composed, unconventional in their 3 stringed harmony but resolute in their expression.

Alicia then entered a 5 year phase of increasing self-confidence and discovery, composing songs on piano and ukulele and songs with lyrics and melody.

Listen to THE BIG EVIL 😈

Simply Amazing...

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