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BLACKPINK live in Seoul:


On October 16,

BLACKPINK CREDIT: Courtesy of YG Entertainment

K-pop superstars kick off their massive "Born Pink" world tour at the KSPO Dome, bringing both power and fun:By Rhian Daly, 17 October 2022 BLACKPINK BLACKPINK CREDIT: The four members of the group prepare for and kick off the "Born Pink" tour, which is billed as the largest of its kind for a girl group in the history of K-pop.Courtesy of YG Entertainment

As BLACKPINK's previous music videos play on the big screens at Seoul's KSPO Dome, the atmosphere inside is quiet, relaxed, and appropriate for a late Sunday afternoon.

However, the atmosphere quickly becomes electric when the volume is suddenly turned up halfway through "Shut Down."Black Pink's arrival on stage is signaled by a crackle of pyrotechnics, the heart-shaped lightsticks that nearly everyone is carrying glow pink, and the last few people in the arena rush to their seats.

BLACKPINK CREDIT: Courtesy of YG Entertainment

More Reading:Review of BLACKPINK's "Born Pink":The second of two Seoul concerts to kick off the superstar group's "Born Pink" world tour, which is billed as the largest of its kind for any girl group in K-pop history, takes place tonight (October 16).It is immediately apparent how much effort has been put into the concert to achieve its grand status.From the opening "enchanted garden" to later sci-fi-themed clips that could be scenes in the quartet's own space-age movie, the VCRs have been purchased with no expense spared.

Live instrumentation ensures that the songs hit just as hard as the visuals, and the constant explosion of fireworks and confetti cannons add drama and excitement to an already exciting night.

BLACKPINK CREDIT FOR BLACKPINK:Advertisement courtesy of YG Entertainment From the moment they step on stage, it's clear that BLACKPINK did not come to play.

They begin by reminiscing about some of their earlier works, beginning with a powerful rendition of "How You Like That" and an intoxicating "Pretty Savage."During the latter, Jisoo sings, "You better run, run, run," with a self-assured grin that suggests the group is here to take no prisoners.

BLACKPINK CREDIT: Courtesy of YG Entertainment

That is true in most cases.Before the dramatic horns of the song's introduction cut through like a shock to the system, a fierce rendition of "Kill This Love" is heralded by flickering blue lights on the stage and the bleeping sounds of spaceships.While not as arresting, "Don't Know What To Do" reveals the group's more mellow side.The women of BLACKPINK revel in lines like: "Tally," the first new song to air tonight, shining brightly as a truly empowering anthem.

Because no one is keeping track, I do what I want with the people I like and I say "fuck it" when I feel it."Pink Venom's juddering experimentalism is made larger-than-life by the band that joins the four members on stage tonight, giving it an equally massive feel.

BLACKPINK CREDIT FOR BLACKPINK:Courtesy of YG Entertainment However, there are times throughout where the impact isn't quite as strong as it could be. For instance, some of the choreography, such as the new dance break in "How You Like That" or portions of "Crazy Over You," feels a little out of sync.It is understandable that BLACKPINK may still be loosening up and working their way back to their best given that it has been two and a half years since they performed together for a full concert in front of an audience and twenty months since their excellent virtual concert, THE SHOW.Later on, during the show's final moments, the members acknowledge their nervous mistakes but instead of focusing on the flaws, emphasize the fun they're having.

With a series of solo performances in the middle of the setlist, each member gets a chance to shine.The first song is Jisoo's cover of Camila Cabello's "Liar," which features an enticing dance break at the end. She is the only member who has not yet released her own music.Jennie follows with a brand-new, unreleased song rather than the anticipated rendition of 2018's "Solo."The dance-pop single, which has yet to be given a name, provides a thrilling taste of what might follow in her solo career.Jennie's performance exudes majesty and romance, with the rapper gracefully raised above the head of a male dancer as she sings:I adored you and me while we danced in the moonlight. No one can see us tonight.

Rosé then takes her spot on the stage for a couple of songs.Before reminding the audience of the brilliance of her 2021 single "On The Ground," she flawlessly recreates her individual track "Hard To Love" by singing its opening lines a cappella.Lisa wraps up her solo performances with her own double-hitter: an abridged version of "Lalisa" that leads into a smooth pole dancing section that later earned her the nickname "Polisa" from her bandmates.

Then, she shakes things up with a version of "Money" that is incredibly self-assured.

Black Panther's commercial Black Panther It appears that the opportunity to step out on their own or take a longer break backstage reenergized the remainder of BLACKPINK's performance.They are more at ease and fully in the groove when they return to the stage as a quartet.Jennie and Jisoo are in a playful mood during "Ddu-du Ddu-du," joking around with one another before returning to power mode for the Stomp-like dance break.The final episode of the show, Boombayah, begins with Jisoo and Lisa singing "go brrr, Rambo" while jokingly demonstrating their rapping abilities.

The production and a lot of the visuals tonight place BLACKPINK in faraway galaxies, like Rosé sitting on top of a planet in the final VCR or the pink Saturn image on the back screen of "Playing With Fire."To reach the lofty heights that were promised for their "Born Pink" tour, the group has many months and performances all over the world.BLACKPINK's magic really comes to life and they get closest to that out-of-this-world feeling when they are loose and having fun, which is evident when they jump around in a huddle with their dancers during the set closer "As If It's Your Last."

BLACKPINK CREDIT: Courtesy of YG Entertainment

CREDIT FOR BLACKPINK: Thanks to YG Entertainment,

BLACKPINK has performed:

"How You Like That,"

"Pretty Savage,"


"Don't Know What To Do,"

"Lovesick Girls,"

"Kill This Love,"

"Crazy Over You,"

"Playing With Fire,"


"Pink Venom,"


"Unreleased new song,"

"Hard To Love,"

"On The Ground,"



"Shut Down,"

"Typa Girl,"


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