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Simply Mr. ESQ

One of the Realist, Outspoken, Emotional artists Canada has produce.

His music is entirely factual, speaks about his past growing up in the streets and the mistakes he made along the way that moulded him into the man he has become.

Mr.ESQs goal of his music is to help guide the miss guided, to change the mindset and direction of the troubled youth.

He become a street legend, an icon and a Hero to many in his community.

Official Music Video for "Mr. ESQ - Armour" available now!

"Armour" Album COMING SOON!

Starring Tiki Way

Mixed and Mastered by DJ Stelo

Music Video Produced by Denis Crews

Take Me Back Artist Kilo Album. Mehr als Musik Licensed to YouTube by

Ric Flair MR ESQ & DTG ft Kryple

The Official Music Video for "Mr.ESQ & DTG (ft. Kryple)

- Ric Flair" from the album "Kodak" COMING SOON!

Produced by Kryple

Mixed and Mastered by PitchBoi

Music Video Produced by Denis Crews

Mr. ESQ x Young Kazh- Hallelujah- ft Madchiild & Tr38ight


Instrumental by NineLives & Kryple Video Directed and

Edited by Big Shot Music Inc.

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Eddy Vocals

@ Lyrics Studio

They Don't Know...

Mr.ESQ is interviewed about the message and direction of his music & the impact he plans to make not only in the hip hop community but the troubled generations to come.

He's an Angel

There is not a single thing in this life that is harder than the loss of a child.

This song represents a defining moment in my life.

The moment that everything changed and I started down a path that I could never return from.

The events of our lives, the choices we make, the wrongs that we have committed, as well as the good deeds we have done, all lead us to one place, right here, in this very moment.

You and I are here today. Let us all remember those who we have lost and work together to make tomorrow better for those whom we still hold close.

Instrumental by Screwaholic Recorded/Mixed/Directed/Edited by Eddy Vocals

at Lyrics Studio Victoria BC.

Everything I Am

Promotional snippet from the opening track off the upcoming album titled 'Family' with features from many of Victoria's best emcees as well as a few guest appearances from some of Vancouver's heavy hitters and more. Audio/Video by Lyrics Studio

Mr. ESQ My Apology ft James Michael

This is for anyone I done wrong in the past. I want you to know that I'm sorry.

My actions can't all be reconciled with words, but I want those who I've affected to know that I am a changed man.

It's the fact that I cannot stop thinking about who I was that has motivated me to grow into who I have become.

Seeking forgiveness gives me purpose.

Audio & Video by Lyrics Studio

Want more from MR. ESQ ? follow his social media.>


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