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Struggles 2 Blessings

Share Pro Performed by: Rob Realz

Release: Is released to the public Release date: 05/8/2021

Artist message to you: Never keep what your feeling inside do as we say and "Get It Off Your Chest"

Artist bio: This introduction to the world of hip-hop will be incomplete until this musician gets his entitlement as a recognized and respected performing artist and producer. From the harsh and demanding streets of Newark, New Jersey, we present a true gift to the world of music, Robert Williams a.k.a. Rob Realz artist/producer. His assembly of words and voice is unique. He embraces real life issues. His style attracts listeners and his lyrics connect with them. This artist is destined to prove himself, so his listeners, fan base and fellow musicians will see and support his vision. As an artist, Rob Realz continues to grow and give 100% because he knows he has what it takes to entertain the world. As a producer, Rob Realz continues to skillfully master the music he produces and is looking to work with any artist that is as dedicated, focused and determined as he is. As you enter the musical world of Rob Realz let it be known that this music was created from his heart with all intentions of reaching your soul. So enjoy and thanks for your support, criticism and time.

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