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Hip Hop Artist Slum Glutton Shares How He Got His Start in Music

From episode: Slum Glutton in the HOUSE

"Singing? I started rapping and stuff pretty young. I started writing poetry first when I was maybe in grade 6. Then around high school, I had a friend that rapped. We would sit around and we'd write rap, rhyme and rap back and forth. That would have been about the age of 15. I didn't do it for a long period of time. Then when I was around 19, 20 years old, I started doing it again when I first started recording. Then I took a long break after that. Then I started doing some shows at the Lower Mainland. It's kind of been off and on things since I was about 16. Oh, okay. Do you make your own beat? I don't produce my own beats, no. I just write all my own lyrics. Oh, okay. That's even a harder job to do. It's so hard to write. To make it sound good. No, it's impossible. I can't. I would never be able to. About a couple of years ago, I've been set up to record. Then you've got to start learning how to record yourself. That's a bit of a process. You want to fix and master your vocals. I've been learning how to do that as opposed to producing the instrumentals. I know what I want my voice to sound like. I know what I want when certain things come in. I feel like I have a good ear for that more so than making a beat. But a that's bit of a journey"

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