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A Sonic Journey with mkDUBBY's "Daylight Sessions"

A Sonic Journey with mkDUBBY's "Daylight Sessions"

A Sonic Journey with mkDUBBY's "Daylight Sessions"

Rating: ★★★★☆

mkDUBBY's "Daylight Sessions" is a testament to the artist's versatility and unique approach to music production.

As an independent musician and producer based in Marrickville, Sydney, Australia, mkDUBBY has managed to create a sound that is both distinctive and captivating.

The track is a delightful blend of various genres that have influenced mkDUBBY as an artist. It's a hybrid of Trip-hop, Dub, Jazz, Ambient, and EDM, creating a sonic landscape that is both expansive and immersive. The fusion of these genres is seamless, resulting in a track that is both innovative and familiar.

The instrumentation in "Daylight Sessions" is a highlight, featuring an array of instruments that add depth and texture to the track.

The Alto saxophone, Yanigisawa, RD-6, ARP 2600, Deepmind 12D, Wardorf blofeld, Moog Mother 32, Moog DFAM, and Roland TR-8 are all featured prominently, each contributing to the overall sound in a meaningful way.

mkDUBBY's love for all good music is evident in "Daylight Sessions".

The track is a celebration of music in its many forms, and it's clear that mkDUBBY has a deep understanding and appreciation for the art form.

While the track is not yet released to the public, it's clear that "Daylight Sessions" is a piece of work that mkDUBBY can be proud of. It's a track that showcases his talent as a musician and producer, and it's a promising sign of what's to come from this talented artist.

For those interested in exploring mkDUBBY's music further, you can find him on Instagram @mkdubby and on Spotify

"Daylight Sessions" is a sonic journey that is well worth taking. It's a track that showcases mkDUBBY's talent and versatility, and it's a testament to his love for music in all its forms.



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