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Without Music, life would be a mistake.


Welcome to Chameleon Radio, the Sound of Transformation !

Broadcasting from the heart of Dawson Creek, BC, Canada, Chameleon Radio is a beacon of musical diversity and innovation. Just like a chameleon changes its colors, we seamlessly blend a diverse array of music genres, creating a unique auditory experience that transcends boundaries and defies categorization.
Born from a passion for music and a desire to break free from the constraints of traditional radio, Chameleon Radio is a digital platform that celebrates the eclectic, the innovative, and the extraordinary.
Our mission is to provide a space where music lovers can discover new sounds, revisit timeless classics, and immerse themselves in a world of auditory exploration.
Our team of dedicated DJs and music curators, based in Dawson Creek, are constantly on the hunt for the next big thing, ensuring our listeners are always ahead of the curve. From indie rock to electronic dance, from jazz to world music, from hip hop to classical - our playlists are as diverse and dynamic as our listeners.
But Chameleon Radio is more than just a radio station. We are a community of music enthusiasts, artists, and dreamers. We host live events, interviews with emerging artists, and interactive sessions that allow our listeners to engage with the music and with each other.
So, whether you're tuning in from Dawson Creek or from anywhere in the world, looking for the soundtrack to your day, the beat to your workout, or the melody to your meditation, Chameleon Radio has got you covered. Tune in and let the transformation begin!

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Discover new music


Tune in to CHAMELEONRADIO.NET and discover a world of great music!

From the hottest Hip Hop and Rap beats, to catchy Pop tunes and soulful Latin melodies, we've got it all. With new music waiting to be discovered, you won't want to miss a single moment.

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter @RadioChameleon, and Facebook @chameleonradio1 to stay up to date on all the latest music and news.

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