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Performed by: Janelle

Song links:

Release: Is released to the public

Release date: 09/5/2022.

Artist bio:

After writing songs and learning about music for 6 years, Janelle has begun co-producing music and is set to release her debut album as an independent artist.

Prior to this, she has performed at Carnegie Hall, joined by vocalists from around the world, to present, "The Armed Man," a 13 piece mass by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins.

Janelle has previously sang on Wisconsin Public TV as a way to showcase upcoming talents in scholastic settings.

She is very drawn to specific emotions and moods, as a kid foolishly wanting to a write a song for every sensation.

This artist enjoys using her work to evoke feelings without telling listeners how to perceive each piece.

She thrives on catchy melodies, internal rhyme schemes, and clever alliteration.



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