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FAMOE’S Playlist 15 favorite songs of all times

The best way to define an artist's style it to identify first and foremost, the music that influenced their music career so let’s check out FAMOE’s Top 15 favorite playlist of all times, check it out.


A highly versatile artist, Famoe is an rapper who started in the early 2000s.

Famoe was a Hip-Hop kid with a knack for versatile Rap flows.

Over the last decade, Famoe have released records through Rap & Rhymes Records, Sony Music, Universal Music, Kontor Records just to name a few. Even in the Dance-Genre working with Top-Producers such as Stephan Endemann or Alex Christensen, Famoe hit the Official Compilation Charts Internationally for over 70 Weeks. One of the greatest collaborations along his career was with Rapper Kurupt for “On my Side“.

A timeless artist, Famoe is ready for this exciting new phase in his career. “I want to go with wherever I want to go, he says:

I’ll let the music speak for itself

Famoe Rap Artist

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