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Another Move

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Performed by: Robert John Hanson

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Release: Is released to the public

Release date: 03/18/2022

Artist bio:

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, Robert John Hanson was born in Liverpool, England, in the same year four lads came together there to form the iconic band that changed the sound and direction of rock music.

After moving to the US at age 13, he remained loyal to the British sound and style in music and soon started playing guitar and writing his own songs. His songwriting reflect the influence of his favorite British artists—The Beatles, Bowie, Queen, Pink Floyd, and The Kinks.

Currently living in Rhode Island, Hanson has lived in New York and Los Angeles where he played with Spinal Reflex, The Kelly Walsh Band, and Coma Toast.

Hanson’s upcoming album, The Bitter Suite, is an eclectic mix of pop, rock, jazz, and modern classical sounds, and represents a shift away from his earlier pro-rock compositions.

Written in the aftermath of a close friend’s sudden death The Bitter Suite songs engage the depth and edge of love and loss and the elusive search for a happy ending.

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