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Why 2024 is a Banner Year for Brazilian Music? Because it’s Already Happened! 🇧🇷🎉**

🎤 Brazilian Music On The Fours unveils the hidden calendar connections to some of Brazil’s greatest contemporary recordings. 📅✨

🌟 This year marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary album Elis & Tom, featuring the iconic duet ‘Águas de Março' (The Waters of March) by **Elis Regina and Antonio Carlos Jobim from 1974. 🎤🎼

🌧️ For Jobim, the inspiration struck two years earlier, frustrated by the incessant rain at his country ranch. He sat down and began to write. ✍️

🌊 "Águas de Março" reflects the cycle of life, with its simplicity giving profound meaning to each phrase. Though there are thousands of versions in more than a dozen languages, Jobim’s duet with Elis Regina remains the most famous. 🌎🎵

🎶 Jobim first recorded ‘Águas de Março’ in 1972, but its debut was delayed due to an inexperienced entrepreneur with bad timing. Shortly after, Elis Regina added it to her album **Elis**. In December, Jobim rerecorded it for **Matita Perê**, and the US release featured the first English version of the song. 🇺🇸🎤

📅 By 1973, Jobim was living in California, and Elis Regina was a superstar in Brazil. Surprised with a gift from her label, Elis was given the opportunity to record with anyone she chose. She chose Jobim and flew to Los Angeles in early 1974 to record **Elis & Tom**. ✈️🎙️

🎧 The sessions were chaotic, with tempers flaring and contemporary styles clashing with tradition. However, transcontinental calls from artistic director Roberto Menescal helped calm concerns, resulting in Brazil’s most beloved song, ‘Águas de Março’. 💕🌧️

🎷 One of the most recorded songs in history, Leonard Feather lists it among the top 10 songs of the past century. 🌟🎶

📚 Elis Regina: Read Her Life Story

🌊 The Waters of March: 50th Anniversary

📖 Bossa Nova – A Book by Ruy Castro

📅 Brazilian Music On The Fours

🔄 For most years, a story like this would be enough, but not this year. It turns out that 2024 was decades in the making.

🎷 1964: Getz/Gilberto made Grammy history as the first jazz recording to win Album of The Year and Record of The Year. 🏆🎶

🎷 1984: Djavan’s ‘Esquinas features Ernie Watts playing one of the most beautiful sax solos in Brazilian music. 🎷💖

💿 1994: We got Daniela Mercury’s million-selling Música da Rua, Toots Thielemans’ Brasil Project, and Dionne Warwick’s Aquarela do Brasil. 💿🎵

🎸 2004: John Pizzarelli’s Bossa Nova album, Azymuth’s Brazilian Soul, and Ivete Sangalo’s MTV Ao Vivo. 🎸📺

🎤 2014: Bebel Gilberto’s Tudo, Thievery Corporation’s Saudade, and Al Jarreau’s Bossas on My Old Friend: Celebrating George Duke Will Downing recorded Djavan’s ‘Meu Bem Querer’ on Euphoria, Studio Rio released their amazing Project Rio, and Sergio Mendes gave us Magic. 🌟🎤

🌟 Yes, 2024 is shaping up to be an amazing year. This year marks the 10th anniversary of our live-streaming station at Connect Brazil. 🎉📻

🌐 I started Connect Brazil to entertain fans like us and support the musicians we love, online and on the air. This is my passion. It’s what we do. And you are more than welcome, anytime. 🙌🎶

Scott Adams, Connect Brazil

📖 An expanded version of this story appears in the March issue of JAZZIZ magazine, with our thanks. 🌟

🌍 Music, Travel, Friends, And Fun! Brazilian Music On The Fours🌎🎶

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