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White Tiger

Share Pro SUBMISSION Performed by: Kalamitys Reign

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Release: Is released to the public Release date: not released

Artist message to you:

I need connections. It's my dream to succeed and I can use all the help I can get. Looking to get my music in film/tv/and radio(promo music?).

Or find placement somewhere in this great, beautiful, musical world.

Artist bio: Kalamitys Reign is the brain child of the one and only Charles Michael Tadlock. Kalamitys Reign represents overcoming all the negativity in your life and ruling your life with positivity.

As a recovered alcoholic with 7 years of sobriety, a widowed father of 3, and a digital marketing student. I know there's plenty of times life will drag us down. However, it's how we get back up that is important.

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