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We Should've Won (All Sports Mix)

Share Pro user: afterhoursrecords

We should've won

Performed by: REFball Release: Is released to the public Release date: 05/31/2023 Artist bio: REFball is a collective of artists whose sole purpose is to get the NFL to overturn the result of Super Bowl 57...

"We Should've Won (All Sports Mix)" by REFball

We Should've Won (All Sports Mix) is a testament to the passion and dedication of sports enthusiasts. Released by afterhoursrecords and performed by REFball, this track is a powerful mix of music and sports culture.

From the onset, what stands out is the unique motive behind REFball's creation. They are not just another group of musicians; they are advocates for a cause - to get the NFL to overturn the result of Super Bowl 57. Such a bold objective speaks volumes about their commitment and provides a fascinating backdrop to their music.

The track itself is a fusion of genres, encapsulating the raw emotions that come with the highs and lows of sports. The choice to title it "All Sports Mix" suggests a universality to their message, implying that the sentiment of "we should've won" is one that resonates beyond just football and into the hearts of sports fans from all walks of life.

The production quality of the track is commendable. *Afterhoursrecords*, as the sharer, brings out the best of REFball's talent. There's a balance between the rhythm, vocals, and instrumentals that makes the song both catchy and profound.

As for the release date, dropping the track on 05/31/2023 is a strategic move. Given that it's close to the mid-year mark, it's a timely reminder of the Super Bowl 57 controversy and keeps the conversation alive.

We Should've Won (All Sports Mix) I's a movement, a cry, and a tribute to all those moments in sports history where the results could have gone the other way. REFball, with their unique bio and purpose, brings an authenticity to the track that's hard to come by in today's music scene. Whether you're a die-hard NFL fan or just someone who appreciates good music, this is one track you shouldn't miss.


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