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Waterfall Laughter

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

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Performed by: Martin af

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Release: Is released to the public

Release date: 01/1/2022

Artist message to you:

Hey all! I'm back with my 2nd release. I really appreciate your feedback on Sally Synaesthesia, and I hope you enjoy this one as much!

Artist bio:

"I get my influences from my friends, who play nearly every instrument and every style imaginable. So my tunes reflect that. I don't see the songs as a mix of styles so much as a mix of *people*... sonic human gumbo! And Brittany O'Neill who features in all these tunes is as much an actor as a singer, so she puts on the characters of the songs like a method actor would... injecting a lot of humor, which I think is sorely needed in music today."

The son of a Folk singer, an engineer, and the grandson of a master wood worker, Martin Maudal has been a professional drummer, songwriter, luthier - designer and builder {Maudal Musical Machines}, showing his work around the world at some of the most prestigious musical instrument art shows.

"As I was building these guitars and making demos for them the music that has been rattling around my head all my life started coming to the surface again and *demanding* I record it. And though I've been advised many times to pick just 1 thing, to me that's like cutting off a huge chunk of my soul. So I said scr3w that and decided to be..."

- Martin af.

Every guitar used in every Martin af song is a Maudal Musical Machine


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