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Performed by: The Watershed Band

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Release: Is released to the public

Release date: 07/30/2021

Artist bio:

Tommy and Leon started The Watershed Band in 2018 as a nameless passion project, intending to use the time to hang out and focus on writing songs. They spent the next year or so writing demos and recording in their home studios, getting together a few times a week to touch base, exchanging ideas, and then heading back to their respective submarines.

At some point during the first year, it became apparent that this music was truly born out of a place of honesty and they decided to give the band a proper name. Tom and Leon share a love for the outdoors as much as they do for music, and they wanted to give the band a name that was true to their roots. After throwing around some ideas, they settled on The Watershed Band, an homage to the Newark Watershed that circles the banks of the Pequannock River.

The Watershed Band is a reminder of days past when boys could be boys, and the only call you ever got was your mother calling you for dinner from the backdoor as the sun was setting out over the pond.

With roots deep in the classic albums, The Watershed Band is here to put the focus back on songs and bring back a by-gone era when music was the soundtrack of our lives. Just one listen and you will remember what it was you had forgotten. Get back to the music. Get back to the wild. Get back to The Watershed Band.


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