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Slum Glutton Kellowna BC

Slum Glutton is a semi professional hip hop artist and an amateur Facebook group Administrator. He hails from the the historic Port Hammond neighborhood of Maple Ridge BC and currently lives in Kamloops BC following his dream to become a world class tinsmith. Some of his hobbies include making memes, taking pictures of food, singing karaoke and late night walks through the seedy part of town.

Most of all Slum loves collaborating with other hip hop artist he’s worked with Merkules, Fiktion, The Red Planet Bandits, TRLG, and many other artist. With the help of members of the BCUG hip hop forum he created and runs a food page called Slums Flavour Fiendz that has 3k active members. Slum is also an advocate of the recovery community and shares his experience strength and hope about his process of getting clean off drugs and alcohol he has been working with the hazmat crew since late April 2019 and is a proud member of the family. Slum has recently released his first official album under the Hazmat music group brand called Slum's Kitchen Vol .1

The Long Way Ft Dougie

Slum will be the next guest on our Podcast THE HIPHOP EXPIRIENCE, I had the pleasurer to meet him and interview him with a help of our mutual friend Jordan.

It should be on air in the next couple of weeks.

Nut House Ft Shua


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