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Pull Up

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Performed by: Bella X

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Release: Is released to the public

Release date: 09/19/2019

Artist bio:

My name is Rebecca but Bella has been invested as a nickname for so long (not really that long) that I decided to use it for my brand. Now, I can’t think of any other name that fits me, both inside and out and I thank my supporters, friends, and family who helped me realize that.

I am from New York and moved to Florida when I was in middle school. I’m Guyanese American and I love expressive forms of art.

I have a daughter who expresses the same talents as me and a business (Love Bella Spa) that grows a bit more everyday as well as teaching me new things. I write poetry and realized that I’ve helped many feel like they are understood through the words I express. I have a passion that I never knew I had for all the things going on in my life and I’m genuinely appreciative and have nothing but love for those who saw it in me who kept me going.



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