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No More Roses

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Performed by: Grant Kemp

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Release date: 05/14/2021

Artist bio:

LA-based multi-talented artist, model and influencer Grant Kemp just announces the imminent release of his latest single, “No More Roses.”

This magical pop song once again proves the hype around this over 2 Million times streamed artist.

This fantastic song just shows the difference between an innate talent and his other peers in the scene.

He follows-up in style to his previously released singles, “It’s Always Been You,” “New Addition,” and “Lost Reception,” amassing around 1.5M streams on Spotify alone with these 3 releases.

Grant Kemp gained a mass following from his days on ABC's The Bachelor & Bachelorette franchises.

In 2016, he won Bachelor In Paradise, and after splitting up with Lace Morris, he appeared on the Australian spinoff in 2018. Although Bachelor Nation will always love him, for Grant, his Bachelor days are over!

He has been focusing on his music career. A long time passion of his.

He has been living in LA, working with top producers, and collaborating with artists such as ICY Narco, CØZYBØY, Teqkoi and many others.

In mid 2020, he started flying out to Nashville to work with Terrible Children, led by songwriter Mo Brown, and became

the first TC Artist.

The two have been developing Grants’ projects for almost a year. Grant is ready to show the world who he really is, with his first single "No More Roses" a modern age


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