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Madame Marie

Share Pro user: christinefrost1 Performed by: Champagne Charlie & the Wah Wahs Artist links:

Song type: Is a cover song

Artist message to you:

Making music during COVID. Berklee students and band members of Champagne Charlie & the Wah Wahs release their 1st single

Artist bio:

Champagne Charlie & the Wah Wahs came to life in 2020, just before COVID hit. Berklee College of Music students and band members Brady Dallas Jones, Daniel Tavani, Mike Petillo, Michael “Patty” Patsos have a sublime chemistry and a mind-blowing ability to create unorthodox, creative arrangements and play off each other’s shared love for reviving and exploring interesting sounds to articulate a combination of spontaneity, musical complexity and depth in the meaning of their songs.

The band’s music falls loosely into the Rock genre, but their tracks take influence from the sounds of the late 60’s and 70’s with a unique and eccentric spin, greatly influenced by artists such as The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and The Beach Boys.

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