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DOWNLOAD PHOTOS & ART HERE "Spectoral can be relied on to deliver some highly detailed productions with unshakable earworm qualities at their core" —Dave Ruby Howe, Music Director, Triple J Unearthed

“Hints at an artist destined for some big stages" —Pilerats

Disrupting expectations within its opening bar, LOVESICK has a corruption to its electronic backbone that compliments its frenetic story of betrayal. It’s the newest single from revered Australian producer Spectoral, who’s spent much of the last two years busily readying an enormous debut album featuring no fewer than fifteen (!!) guests. Two of these feature on LOVESICK, with a third behind the scenes.

“I’m three EPs deep into my career, but only now do I feel like I’ve really arrived on the scene” says Spectoral from their light-filled studio, overflowing to the brim with Devil’s Ivy, Schefflera, Monstera, Palms and Pilea. Studio Daylight, as it’s named, resembles more of a garden nursery than a state-of-the-art pop production house, but don’t be fooled.

“The plants thrive off the music, and my creativity thrives off the plants, so we have somewhat of a symbiotic relationship” says the Australian-Mauritian-Slovakian producer when asked about the aesthetic.

So where did the idea for LOVESICK come from, and where is its place in the upcoming album?

“The hook is where that track began, and that hook is actually the brainchild of Canadian / Australian artist Ryan Cruise. We probably wouldn’t have a song at all if it wasn’t for that melodic vocal hook coming at me so damn infectious in the first place. It planted the seed and the potential grew from there.”

“The rest of the song is a true story, of sorts” the producer says. “The words come from life, and I think song is the silver lining born in the aftermath. In fact, the whole album is an aftermath, and LOVESICK is one key chapter in the larger story it will tell at the end of this year with any luck.”

The influence of ultramodern contemporaries like SEBASTIAN PAUL, Elijah Hill, Golden Vessel, BAYNK and NICOLOSI are apparent on LOVESICK, and Spectoral doesn’t shy away from admitting there’s a real fandom there. “Oh yeah for sure, they come up in my Spotify radio suggestions all the time. It’s hard not to be both wowed and also go, like, ‘challenge accepted’ whenever I hear something totally incredible from those artists, which is often.” “But I also consider myself a collaborator at heart,” continues Spectoral, “which is why I’ve got so many underground names featuring alongside me on the album.”

Poised for an end-of-year drop, the album is hugely anticipated among Spectoral’s rapidly growing fanbase, particularly in Australia where they’re an integral committee member of The Beat Collective, a sprawling network of artists and producers. It’s this Collective, says Spectoral, that led to the realization that sharing in the strengths of each others’ talents can lead to much greater artistry.

“It’s that thing where the ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ I guess.” says the producer. “Take LOVESICK for example, it wouldn’t be anything if not for what Megadead and Tusanxmi bring to it. Megadead has this knack for pulling incredible sound design out of nowhere and I doubt it’ll be the last time we do something together. He is a sound design genius wrapped in this humble, ironic presentation, I’m such a fan. And Tusanxmi, I knew right away when I heard her vocal on singles Hinata and Summer Days that I had to work with her. Sure enough she’s knocked it out of the park with her verse on LOVESICK, it’s lifted the entire thing to five stars for me.”

LOVESICK releases everywhere on June 30.

In the meantime, you can hear it below, and follow Spectoral here.


Nimbly interlacing subversive electronic sound design with ultramodern hip-hop and pioneering alternative R&B, Spectoral pushes the boundary of pop to the cutting-edge. Dave Ruby Howe, Music Director of Australia’s Triple J Unearthed and host of Home & Hosed, describes Spectoral as "an artist who can be relied on to deliver highly detailed productions with unshakable earworm qualities at their core".

A pivotal committee member of Melbourne's sprawling Beat Collective (, Spectoral has worked with many music engineering heavyweights including BANTA, Flavour Lord (Amy Shark, Wyatt), SUB-human (SLUMBERJACK, Yvng Jalapeño), ALIUS, Tim McArtney (LANKS), Ben Feggans (The Kite String Tangle, Ngaiire) and Robin Waters (Darling James, The Boat People).

A revered producer and singer, Spectoral has been compared favorably by NOTION, PILERATS and MYSTIC SONS to the likes of Golden Vessel, The Weeknd, James Blake, Joji, Flume, SOHN, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and Galimatias.

Boasting half a million streams to their name across three EPs, with dozens of collaborators, Spectoral's unignorable sound has been firmly established with FM radio airings on Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, SYN, Radio Adelaide & PVFM.

Based in Australia, and with proud Mauritian-Slovakian heritage, Spectoral has been spending much of the last two years busily readying an enormous debut album featuring no fewer than fifteen guests. 2022 is the hugely anticipated release of its first string of singles, revealing a breadth of subversive pop that showcases why Spectoral is so revered in the space.

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For all interview, review, press and photo requests, please attn Publicity via Ph: 0400 659 143


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