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Lockdown Blues

Updated: May 31, 2021

Performed by: Ralph Pezzullo

Release: Is released to the public Release date: 05/14/2021

Artist bio: “My life has been a journey of self-expression.” – says singer-songwriter Ralph Pezzullo And what a journey it’s been! Musically, it started at sixteen years old in Bogota, Colombia as a member of the rock band Wallflower Complexion – their very rare albums now sell for thousands of dollars on Ebay, and have been reissued by the German labels FLI and Shadoks. Called “an amazing and seminal Latin rock garage band” by the music blogger Resin Hits, and “one of the top ten garage bands of all time” by Vinyl Engine, Wallflower Complexion (which later became Steel Wool) played parties and clubs, and toured the country of Colombia. Growing up the son of a diplomat in places like Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, Pezzullo’s music vocabulary continued to widen and grow. So did his artistic means of expression. Turning to theater in New York City in the ‘90s, he penned over a dozen plays that became hits Off Broadway and in London and went on the receive numerous grants and awards. Among them was the Tail of the Tiger, a Best New Play award winner by the National Arts Club, and The American Wife, which premiered at the The Park Theatre in London in 2016. No grass was ever allowed to grow under these feet. In his spare time, Ralph has also written over two dozen books of fiction and nonfiction, including a half-dozen New York Times bestsellers. Among them Jawbreaker, Most Evil, Eve Missing, and Zero Footprint, which was called “brilliant and unflinching” by Publisher’s Weekly. Lockdown Blues Throughout his world travels, raising a family, and other pursuits, his love of music has burned stronger and brighter. Three years ago, Ralph began releasing music on his own, and songs like “Surrender To” and “Rainy Day Blues” starting garnering thousands of fans and climbing the charts in Europe. Two years ago, he joined forces with producer Rocco Guarino (Velvet Revolver). The first song they recorded together, “Just a Boy” became an instant hit on internet radio and continues to be listed on the Independent Music Chart in Europe. Music blog site A&R Factory called it “one of the most stunning compositions of music I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.” Wrote music blogger MP3 Hugger: “Just a Boy is bursting with authenticity and passion!” Recently, he and Rocco decided to kick it up a notch. Working with the same group of All-Star musicians from the Just a Boy session – guitarist Geoff Pearlman (The Wallflowers), keyboardist Phil Parlapiano (John Prine, Lucinda Williams), bassist Paul Ill (Hole, Pink), and drummer David Goodstein (Dolly Parton, Joe Perry) they laid down a new batch of Pezzullo compositions that reflect some of his Latin influences. The first single “Lockdown Blues” – has been called “a smoking hot Southern R&B rocker, with a timely lyrical theme and a great Bo Diddley groove and catchy chorus,” by music reviewer Steve Azami. And there’s a whole lot more!

Official Music Video

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