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Kiss and a Knife

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Performed by: The Icarus Plan

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Release: Is released to the public

Release date: 01/7/2022

Artist message to you:

Thank your for your time and consideration. We are confident in our material and dedicated to its future.

Artist bio:

Memphis, TN / Atlanta, GA alt rock group The Icarus Plan is the brainchild of long time collaborators Brian Link (On a Dead Machine) and Ed Harris (On a Dead Machine, Surrender the Fall). Mid-2020 the duo began to work (remotely in the midst of a global pandemic) on a new musical idea that would ultimately become THE ICARUS PLAN. Having spent the better part of the prior year planning / creating / writing / recording - collaborating back and forth across state lines.

The band fired into 2021 ready to introduce the world to what they’ve been up to with their first official singles 'Fools on the Edge', 'The Crown', and fan favorite 'The Garden'. With their fourth release 'The Way Down' and with a steady flow of new music (and surprises) set to follow, it is clear that this is only the beginning of a new chapter of a long and exciting journey…


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