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David Arkenstone, 5-Time Grammy® Nominee, Announces Return to the Pacific Northwest

David Arkenstone, 5-Time Grammy® Nominee, Announces Return to the Pacific Northwest on 16-Concert Tour!

By Barbara Ackles on August 21, 2023.

The world of instrumental music is abuzz with excitement as David Arkenstone, the five-time Grammy® nominee, announces his much-anticipated return to the Pacific Northwest with a 16-concert tour. Known for his enchanting and ethereal compositions, Arkenstone's music has always been a blend of world, ambient, and electronic sounds, creating a unique soundscape that transports listeners to otherworldly realms.

A Journey Through Time and Sound

David Arkenstone's musical journey began in the early 1980s. Over the years, he has released more than 40 albums, each one a testament to his versatility and mastery over various instruments. From the haunting melodies of "Valley in the Clouds" to the upbeat rhythms of "Celtic Journeys," Arkenstone's music has always been a reflection of his deep connection with nature, history, and the mysteries of the universe.

Grammy® Nominations and Beyond

Being nominated for the prestigious Grammy® award five times is no small feat. Arkenstone's nominations span across various categories, showcasing his ability to transcend genres and touch the hearts of listeners worldwide. His compositions, often described as cinematic, have also found their way into film and television, further cementing his status as a musical maestro.

The Pacific Northwest Tour: What to Expect

Fans in the Pacific Northwest are in for a treat as David Arkenstone promises a mix of his classic hits and new compositions. The 16-concert tour will cover major cities, offering fans an opportunity to experience his music live, an experience that is said to be transformative.

The tour promises state-of-the-art sound and lighting, ensuring that attendees are fully immersed in the musical journey. Moreover, Arkenstone is known for his engaging live performances, often accompanied by visual projections that complement his music, creating a multisensory experience.

Tickets and More

Tickets for the Pacific Northwest tour are expected to sell out quickly, given the anticipation and the limited number of concerts. Fans are advised to book their tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. Additionally, there are rumors of special merchandise and meet-and-greet opportunities for die-hard fans.

David Arkenstone's return to the Pacific Northwest is not just a concert tour; it's a celebration of music, art, and the deep emotional connection that his compositions create. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to his music, this tour promises an experience that will linger in your heart and soul long after the final note has been played.

For more information on the tour dates, venues, and ticket bookings, visit David Arkenstone's official website.

From his first Grammy® nomination in 1992 through his latest Grammy® nomination in 2022, David Arkenstone’s music has become the soundtrack to our lives with unforgettable NBC Sports themes such as The Kentucky Derby to epic gaming music for World of Warcraft, from Music Inspired by Middle Earth to area music as you stroll through Epcot at Disney World.

His September-October tour brings a lively candlelit evening of music blending neo-classical piano, new age, Celtic, People have told me that it looks like we’re having the best time of our lives during the concert. It spills over the stage into the audience.” David Arkenstone progressive rock, orchestral, and world music to the Pacific Northwest.

With over 100 million Spotify streams and 60+ CDs, David’s music holds something for everyone, taking concertgoers on a wondrous musical journey from first note to last.

Joined on stage by virtuoso musicians Kimberly Zaleski (flute), Laurann Angel (violin), Cecilia Caughman (cello), and Josh Gilgoff (percussion), David has plenty of surprises in store and will debut songs from his newest release.

Since his first album in 1987, the acclaimed Valley in the Clouds, this musical visionary continues to create distinctive tracks that inspire the imagination.

David enjoys touring and meeting his fans from around the world.

“I think the attraction to come to one of my shows is the amount of different kinds of music you will hear and the high caliber of talent you will be presented with. There’s something for everybody. People have told me that it looks like we’re having the best time of our lives during the concert. It spills over the stage into the audience.

I’m so grateful,” says David. A musical storyteller, he is passionate about taking listeners on a journey, creating sonic tapestries that evoke every emotion. “I envision a place where I would like to go, or an adventure I would like to take, and let my imagination run free,” says David.

“I’ve gotten countless messages from listeners who love to take these journeys with me. I’m sometimes surprised by how powerfully people in so many age groups respond to my music.”

Tickets are on sale now for An Evening with David Arkenstone & Friends!

The tour will include the following stops:

9/22 Monroe WA - Wagner Performing Arts Center

9/23 Victoria BC - Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, University of Victoria School of Music

9/24 Victoria BC - First Unitarian Church of Victoria

9/26 Maple Ridge BC - ACT Arts Centre

9/27 Vancouver BC - York Theatre

9/28 Tacoma WA - McMenamins Elks Temple w/Special Guest Pinniped

9/29 Portland OR - Stage 722 w/Special Guest Chasing Ebenezer

9/30 Eugene OR - WOW Hall 10/1 Roseburg OR - The SunnySide Theatre

10/3 Coos Bay OR - The Dolphin Playhouse

10/4 Ashland OR - Jackson Wellsprings

10/5 Weaverville CA - Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center 10/6 Lakeport CA - Soper Reese Community Theatre 10/7 Cloverdale CA - Cloverdale Performing Arts Center 10/8 Sonoma CA – Sebastiani Theater

10/10 Berkeley CA - Freight & Salvage (live concert and live stream)

Tickets are on sale now for the Pacific Northwest Tour of An Evening with David Arkenstone & Friends at or

For radio interviews, print interviews, in-studio radio/TV performances, and media passes to concerts, please contact Cynthia Gage. We'd like to invite you as our guest to experience a concert on the Pacific Northwest Tour 2023. Please include your interest in an email to For bookings, group ticket rates, media kit, and other business requests, please contact Cynthia Gage.


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