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Breaking Bad

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Performed by: Ryeittmaker

Artist links: Release date: 07/3/2021

Artist message to you: I'm already very wealthy but music is my life and Ive always dreamed of being an artist, nd making it big. Im very interested in "feedback"

Artist bio: Ive been a dj since i was young, doing Porn N Chicken and plenty other spots in Chicago with "JSquared". I'm now 30 years old but its not stopping me. I have been doing this a long time, just recently started putting out full songs so starting my music career with my "Breaking Bad" Demo then going all the way!! Music is one of the biggest parts of my life and i cant wait until i start getting to the point of getting more record deals and such. (ive received one from WCAC a couple years ago but i didnt like the other DJs I was supposed to join up with so i said no) kind of a regret but oh well, im here now and i got plenty in the chamber just waiting to be shot! I'm not making music for money really its because its something i love to do. I play almost all instruments and im very talented and will work until what im doing is done. Id just love to have another chance to get big seeing my age and such but I cant wait to see where my life takes me. I WANT TO MAKE IT BIG! Im a wildboy and age aint ever guna change a thing.

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