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Performed by: NONĒ SUNSHINE Release: Is released to the public


Artist bio: NONĒ SUNSHINE is an Alternative Rock band based out of Denver, CO and Tucson, AZ comprised of it’s two primary members Derek Hyde and Thomas Scott (TS) Laird.

Sonically the music ranges from moody to full on explosive, but the ever present ‘hook’ is what binds. The fact is, although NONĒ SUNSHINE is just getting started, it’s foundation is over 20 years in the making. After meeting through an online musician’s classified ad, Derek and TS struck up an immediate friendship.

Finding a kinship in songwriting, they soon learned they shared a similar lens in how they viewed the world. Although life ultimately got in the way the first time around, they stayed close and continued to write songs for the sheer love of the art and process. The Internet has opened up a whole new world for musical collaboration and being veterans of tech sector Corporate America, the NONĒ SUNSHINE co-founders made a conscious decision to leverage the tools available to bring their musical vision to fruition.

Through the use of Logic Pro X, the Universal Audio suite, Soundbetter, Fiverr, and a vast array of equipment they have amassed over the years, the dynamic duo are positioned to launch their first LP in early 2023.

As part of its introspect message, "Beautiful" encourages listeners to embrace the future with optimism and open-mindedness. Featuring bright guitar riffs and a fist-bumping beat, the track keeps the listener engaged throughout. Being in a specific state of mind during the songwriting process, NONĒ SUNSHINE explained, "despite the title, the lyrics for "Beautiful" are pretty depressing, basically inspired by all the negativity in the world - the constant stream of bad news, natural disasters, violence, hate, politics, etc. all of which tend to become overwhelming if you let them."



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