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Back to LIVE with Side Door

Great spaces are necessary for artists to flourish.

You can host performances in your community!

Let’s turn the lights back on together.

Host a Side Door show in the U.S. and apply for up to $500 to assist with event expenses!

How it Works: Hosts

  1. Create a Side Door Host profile.

  2. Book or confirm a show at your space.

  3. Apply for the Back to Live with Side Door program.

  4. Host your show (the best part)!

  5. Hosts, submit your receipts and receive your $$$

How it Works: Artists

  1. Create a Side Door Artist profile.

  2. Self-book your online show on Side Door.

  3. Apply for the Back to Live with Side Door Program.

  4. Side Door creates a custom ad campaign.

  5. Play your online show!

What is Side Door?

Side Door is a booking and ticketing platform built to facilitate shows anytime, anywhere.

Lets connect and do a live event anywhere.

To book Chameleon Radio as a presenter.

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