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All I want for Christmas isn't you

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Performed by Ksenia

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Hi, I'm Ksenia

As a small town Russian girl, Ksenia dreamed of coming to America to make it big like Britney Spears. She probably wouldn’t have believed it then, but now she is an award-winning music artist, actress and influencer (400k+ followers, Instagram / tiktok). Ksenia uses her art to spread her message of inspiration and optimism; she believes that with hard work and a little bit of luck anything is possible! She is grateful to count the talented producer, Mario Marchetti (Demi Lovato, JoJo), and writers, Gino Barletta (Katy Perry, Daya, Selena Gomez) and Melanie Fontana (Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers, Britney Spears), as collaborators on her past and upcoming music projects. Ksenia has received press from Cultr, That Grape Juice, Music Crowns, and got the opportunity to perform on iHeart Radio Live Sessions in NYC. Her single, “Fire with Fire”, charted at #47 on the iTunes pop chart and was promoted on a billboard campaign in New York’s Time Square. Her collaboration with Stevie Mackey on the single “Only Want You More” hit the iTunes pop chart at #28 & fans fell in love with the heartbreak anthem. Dedicated to everyone going through relationship woe’s during quarantine with proceeds going to MusiCares/Recording Academy. Within this time the song was featured at #3 on Tidal’s “rising pop” playlist, TikTok loved the song and added it to #2 on their official “Love” editorial playlist which has caused the song to go viral on TikTok.

The music video for “Only Want You More” was included on MTV, Music Choice and Nick Music rotations. In October 2020, Ksenia released her debut EP Uncrushed. Spanning over 4 tracks, Uncrushed weaves a compelling narrative of empowerment and embracing your inner truth. As the pandemic lengthened, Ksenia felt the urge to try something new and began to infuse rap and comedy into her music.

She also turned the spotlight on her roots as a Russian girl with a big personality from a tiny village on the edge of the forest. The resulting bad bitch anthem, “Girl from the Forest,” will have fans dancing AND laughing with the irresistible chorus, “I’m not from the city I’m that girl from the forest / Where I’m from we got a lotta dudes named Boris.”

Plus – if you listen closely, traditional Russian melodies and instruments layered into the production make this dance anthem sound like nothing you’ve heard before. “Girl from the Forest” drops June 24.


You are not my Kitty


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