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Alien Race

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Performed by: Paul Alexander Low

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Artist bio:

Paul Alexander Low- Americana Singer Songwriter based in the UK.

I started playing the guitar at 16 but I had my feet firmly on the ground from a young age, thanks to solid encouragement from my Dad. i.e. “you can do what you want” – i.e. play your guitar and sing – “but get an education first…right”!?, OK Dad, good plan!

I stepped straight onto the corporate career conveyor belt from university and never managed to jump off.

I also split my time over the last 25 years practicing and at times competing in martial arts, even winning 2 National championship’s along the way.

However, I never stopped writing, gigging and having a strong passion for music.

I have written with some platinum selling songwriters, Mike Garvin, Chris Neil, Martin Sutton and supported chart-topping artists at live shows like Charlie Dore, The Korgis.

Now its time for me to push myself out there, I feel like its my time, finally.

​Music is something I do because I love it.

I write for myself openly and honestly because it’s my key form of expression, a way to release and expose my sub conscious thoughts.

I have been told I have my own unique Pop folk, style, that my songs expose a truly sensitive artist with melodies and lyrics that cut straight through to the core.

I have been compared vocally to Don Henley, Richard Marx and Bryan Adams. Humbling for sure.

My influences are varied and include Rock Bands like Led Zep to ACDC to Queen, American Pop Rock bands like Train and Vertical Horizon, Singer Songwriters like Shawn Mullins to Joni Mitchel, Folk Singers like Cara Dillon and even classical music.

The variety in taste also comes from playing different instruments like Guitar and piano, wanting to understand a great song and play it. I also write in several styles from pop to folk, to blues to rock to country to Americana and a combination of several styles at times. Ideally, I don’t want to be pigeonholed and want to be able to wander across genre but if you press me, I’ll say I fit into the Folk Pop genre.

My debut solo single was released on the 1st August 2020. Feel Your Heart Come Alive, about someone who is full of passion, love, hopes and dreams but holds themselves back through a fear of rejection or judgement it was well received. It’s had over 31,000 spins on Spotify and the video has been played 23,000 times on YouTube.

My second single Hell Yeah from the EP of the same name has also been well received.

We’ve had some really nice write up’s on the singles and the EP and been EP of the week on Blues and Roots Radio.

The forthcoming debut Album called Sunshine after the Rain is due out mid 2021.

There will be two singles the first of which Shine, released on the 23rd April 2021.

This is a tribute to all those care workers and other key workers who have and continue to put themselves on the line for other people during this exceptional time.

They really are the stars and we are all extremely grateful for what they are doing for us all.

If you want to hear more about this very talented artist, check out his Linktree

Listen to Shine:

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