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Performed by: Malik Corleone

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Release: Is released to the public

Release date: 05/1/2021

Artist bio:

Some individuals never find out what they’re made of because they never take the first step towards their dreams, they never make the “jump”. Not Malik Corleone. A budding rapper and recording artist currently working out of Atlanta, Malik Corleone is among the upper echelon of rising talent coming out of the gateway city to the south. Growing up in New York, street corner cypher's were a regular part of his youth. Malik recalls rapping on the corner in the Bronx for dollars and spare change at just 8 years old. These memories never left his side and were an early confirmation of his future. Forging his resilience and dogged determination to one day rise to the upper ranks of hip hop. Moving around a lot as a kid, Malik always found a way to thrive regardless of the environment around him, and it shows. From New York to Fayetteville North Carolina, from North Carolina to Dallas, and from Dallas to Atlanta, Malik has always found a way to come out on the other side on top, a testament to his strong will and unrelenting action-taking mentality.

Born into a musical family, Malik was around rapping and rhyming from a young age as his dad and uncle were both MC’s themselves. Around the age of nine Malik started writing rhymes of his own, and began making music, albeit for fun, just a few short years later at thirteen years old. Early in his youth, Malik remembers listening to Nas’s “Stillmatic” album and instantly becoming inspired by the grittiness and loud album cover. Him and his dad used to listen to the album on repeat. His foundation for music comes from the Big Apple and icons like Juelz Santana and 50 Cent, but his artistic influences are very wide ranging and not just limited to the 347. While living in Fayetteville, artists like J-Cole were in constant rotation, inspiring Malik to find his own unique sound which he has been refining since he moved to Atlanta. Originally a fan of jotting down bars with the pen and paper, Corleone’s musical workflow is now relegated to the more expressive process of free styling and punching-in, something he says has allowed him to be more vulnerable and authentic in his song making process. Melodically smooth yet verbally hard, Malik’s style transcends any sub-genre and opts for a higher realm of artistic expression, reflective of his tendency to never box himself into one specific sound.

Fresh off the release of his latest tape "French Tips & Russian Creams", Corleone shows off his ability to make uptempo catchy rap seem effortless. His most notable single to date entitled "Solo", exemplifies his eclectic background and more vulnerable pain-stricken side, culminating into a truly relatable story line and past. Malik Corleone excels with his versatile delivery and style.

Set to drop a string of upcoming singles in 2022, you can stay up to date with the latest from one of North Carolina’s most promising up and coming trendsetters Malik Corleone on Instagram @Malikcorleone1 and be sure to check out his latest singles “Solo” & “Iguodala (Hi Mileage)”, available for streaming on all major platforms.



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