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5 Home Based Winter Workouts to Add to Your Routine

Ward off those winter blues by adding some physical activity to your weekly routine.

There are many local businesses that have had to change their business models so they can provide the fitness programming you need to keep motivated, offering home-based workouts that will keep you moving through the winter months.


Their bright orange studios may have closed temporarily, but you can still enjoy a great workout from home! Get upper, lower and total-body workouts scientifically designed for results - plus lower-impact options, too. Weekly challenges will be posted each Wednesday to keep you on your toes, and healthy tips and tricks shared by experts will keep you feeling great inside and out.


Personalize your practice with pose breakdowns, alignment cues and variations. Stream yoga, pilates and mindful movement classes with the best teachers in Canada. Get unlimited access to a huge library of pre-recorded + live streamed classes added almost daily. Be sure to sign up for a donation class where partial proceeds go to an important cause in the community.


Some say it's the craziest, most fun, full-out dance party they've gone to since high school. It’s a workout for all ages and abilities, for anyone who wants to “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party”. Zumba® Fitness is fit for everyone - even if you haven’t exercised in years. While online Zumba classes have been temporarily suspended, you can enjoy live online classes from home, so you don’t miss a beat.


Tight Club classes dial in on five key elements of functional movement – stability, strength, cardio, agility and mobility – everything you need for a life spent movin-n-groovin. From circuit training to HIIT, retro-inspired aerobics to their cult classic Body Luv, Tight Club classes challenge your body, clear your mind and help you train for life. Check out their Livestream classes to get tight, right from home.


Get an amazing workout that combines the best elements of ballet barre with pilates, sports conditioning, and flexibility, led by a team of talented and totally motivating instructors. (Almost) better than a barre studio, you can enjoy fun, fulllength barre workouts from the comfort of home, with no equipment needed. Choose from over 40 livestream and pre-recorded classes weekly. Drop in for one class, or enjoy the perks of a virtual membership.

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